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Welcome to Trinity

Adult Praise Dancers
Purpose (Mission): To worship God, in love and truth, through dance. We uplift God's people and his kingdom and give God all the Praise.
Meeting Dates: Spiritual Steppers - Wednesday @ 5:00 p.m.
Adults - TBA

African American Awareness
Purpose (Mission): To increase awareness of the African American quest for equality, African American History and culture and stress the importance of active participation in affairs that support the plight of African Americans.
Meeting Dates: Quarterly

Christian Singles
Purpose (Mission): a purposeful single living ministry that provides practical answers to the real-life needs of todayís single adults, while challenging them to intensify their faith in God and spiritually impact their community.
Meeting Dates: (Quarterly) Monday following the 4th Sunday @ 6:00 p.m.

Purpose (Mission): To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through dramatic presentations such as plays, monologues, dialogues and storytelling. The ministry will focus on both in-reach and outreach activities as an attempt to fulfill the great commission.
Meeting Dates: Monthly, every Tuesday after the 3rd Sunday @ 6:00p.m., In the Fellowship Hall

Purpose (Mission): To utilize Christian principles to foster the academic and social growth of our children and provide support to their families.
OUR MOTTO: Aiming for Success: Mind, Body and Spirit
Meeting Dates: Wednesday after the 3rd Sunday of each month @ 5:30 p.m.

Food Services
Purpose (Mission): To use culinary skills and knowledge of proper nutrition and special dietary needs to plan and prepare tasty, well balanced meals or refreshments for church events.
Meeting Dates: When called by the ministry chairperson

Marriage Enrichment
Purpose (Mission): To honor Jesus Christ by sharing Godís precepts for marriage and family relationships by equipping married couples with biblically based principles, tools and resources they need to build strong marriages and families, through Christian instruction workshops, family enrichment activities, and fellowship opportunities.
Meeting Dates: When called by the ministry chairperson

New Directions
Purpose (Mission): To offer biblical principles, guidelines and practical teaching to Godís people and to help those hurting to understand and deal with hurtful actions of others, crippling emotions, lost of love ones and low self-worth
Meeting Dates: When called by the ministry chairperson

Senior Citizens
Purpose (Mission):
Meeting Dates:

Trinity Good News Newsletter
Purpose (Mission): To spread the Good News to all by providing factual information that is pertinent concerning the spiritual realm and activities within the church and community.
Meeting Dates: When called by the ministry chairperson

Web Page
Purpose (Mission): To use the web and internet technology, to build stronger connections with Trinity Missionary Baptist Church members by providing weekly audio and video sermons, information concerning church events, and other helpful church resources. The site is available 24 hours a day for persons seeking spiritual guidance.
Meeting Dates: When called by ministry chairperson