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Welcome to Trinity about us

Trinity Baptist Church was organized by the Reverend Lewis and five members, who had a deep abiding faith in God and a strong desire to serve the community through the word of God. Trinity was organized in a house near the Greenswamp area of Sumter, S.C. in April, 1909. The church was later relocated to a section of Sumter, which was then known as Bigamtown. After a short time at that location, the church was moved to a building on Walker Avenue. After an extensive length of time at this location, the church was moved to 612 West Liberty Street.

During the time from the organization to the relocation, the church was served by the following pastors: Rev. Lewis, Rev. Taylor, Rev. Sampson, and Rev. Hilton.

Under the pastorate of Rev. Amos E. Hilton, Trinity was moved across the street to 609 West Liberty Street. Rev. Hilton served until his death in November of 1931.

Rev. H.H. Harvin became the pastor of Trinity Baptist church following the death of Rev. Amos E. Hilton. During his tenure, a new edifice was built at 609 West Liberty Street which included an educational building. Dr. Harvin also organized the Senior and Gospel choirs and the Baptist Training Union (BTU), and other ministries. The first Sumter Baptist Missionary and Education Association meeting was held at Trinity in 1946 while Dr. Harvin served as pastor. Dr. Harvin’s pastorate came to an end after thirty-one years when he died in October, 1963.

Rev. Lewis Walker, Sr. assumed the pastorate in December, 1963. Under his pastorate, the mortgage was satisfied and additional adjoining property was purchased with the intent to build a new edifice. Instead, an offer was made and accepted to purchase the Salem Avenue Baptist Church at 101 South Salem Avenue. This church was purchased in July, 1978.

Trinity Baptist Church held relocation services on November 19, 1978 at its new location after the grand march from West Liberty Street to the new site on Salem Avenue. In September 1980, a daycare center was opened, and operated successfully for a period of time. Rev. Walker also organized additional choirs, including the L. W. Walker Contempo, Sunday School Choir and the Male Chorus. The ministries he organized included the Prayer Band, Youth Department, Trustee Wives, Deaconess, Hospitality, Young Women's Auxiliary, and Sunday School Training for Service. Dr. Lewis Walker gave up the pastorate of Trinity in 1988 after serving for twenty-five years.

Rev. Larry C. Weston, our current pastor, followed Dr. Lewis Walker. Pastor Weston accepted his call to Trinity on March 5, 1989. Under his leadership, choirs were reorganized and a number of new ministries were added. Some of these included youth ministries, health ministries, women’s, brotherhood, and singles ministries, drama and praise dance teams and outreach ministries.

A number of actions were taken to improve the general operation of the church. A ward system for members was established and the first female trustees were appointed and the first female associate ministers were ordained.

Under Pastor Weston’s leadership, major improvements were made to the edifice at 101 South Salem Avenue. Major purchases included additional property surrounding the church, vans and buses.